jeudi 14 novembre 2013

Mlle Oui Oui induction in the Canadian Burlesque Hall of Fame!

just receive a e-mail from Photolena (the great photographer!) telling me about this wonderful review on Burlesque Beat of the The Museum of Canadian Burlesque show last september. It really make my day! Read it if you missed the show!

"The big event of the evening was not only the induction of Mlle Oui Oui Encore into the Burlesque Hall of Fame – but surprise, also the induction of Roxi DLite! Roxi could not attend due to event conflict but Oui Oui was there and so ecstatic to receive her award, which included a beautifully framed photograph by Ruth Gillson. Founder of Blue Light Burlesque in Montreal, she truly personifies classic burlesque in Quebec and deserves her spot in the Hall of Fame! Lucky for us, she didn’t come all the way to Toronto just to get the award – she also graced us with a fabulous performance as well. In true Oui Oui style, her neo-burlesque act was reminiscent of grand old Hollywood. Soft and silky in pink and black, she painted a pretty pinup picture as she daintily went through layer upon layer of frills, feathers, and sheer fabric to the delicate and intricate garter and stockings underneath. So many bows! So many ribbons! This is what makes her so magical – this attention to detail, adding more and more notions until her costumes are just perfect!"

photo ©Photolena